15-Inch Capacitive Touch Screen

The entire process of Xinhechang Technology products is completed by the factory itself, effectively ensuring the quality of each link.The product meets the requirements of industrial grade, super waterproof, super oil proof, anti-interference, and can also be touched by gloves.The delivery of goods is stable too
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Product Details

I Product Information :

Type: G+G capacitive touch screen

Screen type: plane

Dimensions: 347.5 (L) × 275.5 (W) × 2.9 (T) mm

Display ratio: 4:3

Visual area: 302.5 (L) × 227.5 (W) mm

Drive area: 302.5 (L) × 227.5 (W) mm

Operating temperature and humidity range: -10 ° C - +60 ° C, ≤ 85% RH

Storage temperature and humidity range: -20°C-+70°C, ≤85%RH

Transparency: >85%

Surface hardness: >6H

Working conditions: 3.3-5V (DC)

Interface mode: USB

Touch screen structure: Glass + ITO Glass

Touch screen type: COBIC: ILI 25110

Response time: <10mS

Service life: 10,000,000 times


Application: pos machine, advertising machine, medical equipment, industrial equipment, etc.


Warranty : 1 year

II  Product Advantages:

G+G, G+F+F, G+F, P+G, P+F+F, P+F structure

USB interface plug and play

Multi-touch, waterproof and oil resistant

Surface treatment can be done: AR, AG, AF effects

Touch screen moderation system: Widows, android, Linux

III Why choose us:

White level dust-free workshop full set of production process + equipment to ensure the refinement of products