17-Inch Capacitor Industrial Touch Screen sold by factory directly

our 17-inch touch screen click to be accurate, won the ISO9001 and other quality certification services over 6,000 corporate customers! 17-inch touch screen can be touched with gloves, it went through high and low temperature test, can work between -40 degrees +80 degrees and it can be replaced within 12 months in case any quality problems .

Product Details

I Product Overview :

Model :LC-17006GB05

Item No. 17006 

Type : Capacitive Touch Screen

Screen Size :17 inch 

Screen Type: Capacitive

Resolution :1920*1080 

Transmittance :greater than 85% (%) 

Brightness :100 (cd/m2)

Contrast: 100 

Clicks :5000 (10,000 times) 

Sensing strength :1 (g)

Response time: 3 (ms) 

Application :Touch display, industrial computer, all-in-one interface USB


II Product Specifications:

Cover Lens OD: 359.00±0.2(L)×297.00±0.2(W)mm

Sensor OD :354.00±0.3(L)×292.00±0.3(W)mm

View Area : 338.92±0.2(L)×271.34±0.2(W)mm

Aspect Ratio : 4  :3

Number of Touch Point: 10 points 

Input Device :Hand writing or capacitive pen 

Input Interface: USB

Operation System: Windows/Android/Linux


Transmittance :﹥85%

Hardness : ≧6H

Operating temperature & Humidity : -20℃~+70℃: 45%~85%RH

Storage temperature & Humidity : -30℃~+80℃: 45%~85%RH

III Product Display:


Flat thin

2.5d glass edge and corner treatment, more high-end large

Gas, installed more beautiful

Precise touch

Touch sensing accuracy up to 99%, writing flow

Free, no broken line drift



Usb cable length 180cm

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