19 Inch G+g Capacitive Touch Screen

19 Inch G+g Capacitive Touch Screen

Xinhechang is a professional intelligent touch screen development service provider, providing customized services such as shopping centers, tourist attractions, large parks, exhibitions, airports and other smart touch screens,we can offer you personalized services, advanced technology and good after-sales service.

Product Details

I Basic infor of Product :

Size: 19 inches

Product structure: G+G

Interface: USB/IIC

Points: 10 points

Strength: 6H±1

Total thickness: 2.0mm±0.15

Window size: 377.32*302.06mm


Application: industrial control, one machine, advertising machine

II Features of Product :

1. > 6H tempered glass cover plate:Hd tempered glass, anti-scratch, anti-impact,

Radiation protection and durable 


2. Quick response at 3ms to improve efficiency


3. Ten-point touch control, man-machine integration, simpler and more convenient


III Specifications of Product :

Product classification (structure) : G+G

Light transmittance: >90%

Communication interface: USB/IC

Touch points: 10

Click tests: 10 million

Surface strength: 6H ± 1

Working environment: -20°-70°

Color: black

Sensing power: slight

Response time: 3ms

Application: industrial control, integrated machine, advertising machine

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