42 Inch Optical Touch Screen

42 Inch Optical Touch Screen

The optical module mounted on the top of the touch screen emits light through the LED light, is reflected by the surrounding reflective strips, and returns to the linear optical camera. The compensated light forms a light ray in the touch area and the light gap is not reflected multiple times. 1mm. When a certain point is touched, the emitted light and the received light of the point will form an angle, and the two rays respectively form two angles with the straight line between the left and right cameras, and are controlled by calculating the exact coordinates of the point. Input to achieve touch response.

Product Details

I Basic Info of Product :

Brightness :500 (cd/m2) cd/m2

Resolution :32768X32768


 Response time: 8 (ms) sms

Screen size :42 (inch) inch

Screen type :Optical

Clicks :80000 (10,000 times) 10,000 times

Light transmittance: is greater than 95% (%)%

II Specifications of Product :

Appearance color (standard):Black Standard purplish red

Glass Thickness :3~5cm, tempered glass

Transmittance :≧92%, ** up to 100% ≧92%,

Lead wire length :1500mm

Small touch object straight:>5mm

Touch input recognition:Impervious objects such as fingers and touch screens


scanning frequency    :60Hz

Communication interface type :USB2.0

Data output:Coordinate output

Response time   :<10ms

Touch accuracy:±2mm >90% area

Operating Voltage :DC+5V±5%

Power supply :USB or PS/2

Working current :<250mA

Operating temperature   :-20 ° C ~ 65 ° C

Storage temperature  :-40°C~80°C

Working humidity  :0%~85%RH, no condensation

Storage humidity:0%~95%RH, no condensation

Light resistance: Full angle anti-glare

reliability:Theoretical clicks

Unlimited times:Flame retardancy UL94V-0

Certification :RoHS, CE, FCC

Operating system compatibility: Win7/Xp/VISTA/Linux/Mac/Android

Touch type:Single/multi-point gesture recognition

III Product Advantages:

★ High touch precision, perfect reproduction of smooth and delicate handwriting under fingertips


★Linear optical lens, faster response, no handwriting delay hysteresis


★ Passive touch, no special touch pen, finger touch


★ Better multi-touch, more user-friendly operation


★ Can be narrow-edge design, modular processing, easy to disassemble, easy to maintain


★Extensible, can be easily customized for various non-standard sizes


★ Provide built-in external solutions to easily meet the needs of different customers


★ mainstream system free drive, plug and play


★ Compatible with a variety of operating systems, intelligent switching in winXp, win7, Linux, mac, android and other systems

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