7 Inch 1024*600 Capacitive Touch Screen

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Product Details

I Product Basic Infom:

Type: Capacitive Touch Screen 

Screen Type Capacitive 

Resolution: 1024*600 (Debuggable)

Transmittance :greater than 80% (%) 

Brightness :300 (cd/m2) 

Contrast :1000:1

Clicks :(ten thousand times)

 Sensing force :10 (g)

 Response time :1 (ms)

II Product Display :





III Product Technical parameters:

1TP structure: P(bright anti-explosion film)1G

TIP type: COF; IC selection G791

2 Power supply voltage: 2.8-3.3v: communication voltage: 2.8-3.3v

3 Outgoing interface type: 12C, interruption mode: falling edge;

Origin coordinate position: upper left; Resolution: 800() 80()

 4 Light transmittance: >80%

5 service life: 21,000,000

6 Working environment: 20℃ +70℃; < 85% RHI

7 Storage environment: 30℃~ 80℃; < 85% RH

 8 Surface hardness: 231

9 Unnoted dimensional tolerance is ±0.2

10 The product conforms to RoS1 standard