7 Inch IPS LCD Screen TFT Screen LCD Module Industrial Display

7 Inch IPS LCD Screen TFT Screen LCD Module Industrial Display

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Product Details

I Basic Information of Product :

Processing customization :Yes

Screen size :7 (inch)

Color :262K/16.2M

Brightness :350

Contrast :800:1

Resolution 1024*600 pixels 1024*600

Dot pitch :0.050×0.150 (H×V)(mm)

II Advantages of Product :

In the field of household appliances, which is closely related to the life of consumers, P5 hard screen LCD is also widely used in the field of securities detection.

The IPS hardscreen technology also makes viewing angles up and down, right and left, much more extensive, close to 180 degrees,

In any side Angle can be seen the effect is not compromised responsibility, for aerospace, medical care and other areas requiring multi-angle observation display; .

S bingping is comparable to the color expert's color mixing ability, can truly present images, it is widely used in TV or other professional fields, deeply pursued by professional life! .

800.1 high static contrast;The image is clear and bright

III Size and drawer of Product :


IV Display of Product :



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