Infrared Multi-point 65-inch Interactive Touch Screen Develped By Manufature Independently

Infrared Multi-point 65-inch Interactive Touch Screen Develped By Manufature Independently

The interactive physical touch screen technology is a new type of human-computer interaction input method, and the touch screen input is more intuitive than the traditional keyboard and mouse input methods. With the recognition software, the touch screen can also realize handwriting input. The touch screen consists of a detection unit and a touch screen controller that are mounted in front of the display screen. When a finger or other object touches the touch screen mounted on the front end of the display, the touched position is detected by the touch screen controller and sent to the host through an interface such as an RS-232 serial port.

Product Details

I Proudct Basic Inform:

Screen type:Infrared


Transmittance: 100%




Click count:900 million times

Induction force:0g

Response time:15ms

2Product Advantages :

1, ultra-thin and ultra-narrow appearance, aluminum alloy casing, compatibility design

2, good stability, high touch accuracy, and support for multi-person touch

3, the fault-tolerant algorithm is more optimized, the two sides are abnormal, still touchable

4, anti-light dust, scratch-resistant

5, built-in hardware self-test function, easy to maintain and upgrade

6, free drive supports multiple operating systems

7, support gestures, gestures can switch multiple operating systems

8, one purchase, enjoy lifetime free firmware upgrade

9, high adaptability is not affected by current, voltage and static electricity, suitable for some harsh environmental conditions;

10, long service life, not afraid of scratching; touch density up to 40964096, long touch life;

11, the use of good features, no need to touch, no special requirements for the touch body, no matter whether the touch object is hard, whether the touch is conductive, does not affect the normal use;

III Product Explanation :


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