High Performance Projection Touch Overlay 55 Inch Tactile Screen

Product Details

 Product Information:

 Screen Size: 55"

Type:  Infrared

Interface Type: USB

Resolution: 32767*32767


Touch pressure: Zero pressure

Surface durability: 7H

Maximum current: <350MA

Dormancy current: <10mA

Response speed: 8ms

5.0V(internal voltage of 3.3 V)

Power consumption:1W

Scanning speed: 50 frames per second

Touch technology:True multi-point touch screen

Packaging & Delivery: Carton or Wooden Box


Advantages of Product :

 1Infrared multi touch frame ,support 2,6,10,16,3

2 precise touch points ,Driver free 2.USB plug and play

3.Custom Sizes Available,Easy to Install

 4.Waterproof optional,High Stability / Reliability 

5.Extremely Durable / Scratch Resistant 

 6.Compatible with Win7, Win8, Win10, Android, Linux system 

7.Simple calibrationProducts Show

Product Pictures:




  Apply to TV/monitor/kiosk/projection screen, turn the equipment from non-touch to touch


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