Metal Grid Capacitive Touch Screen - 42 Inch Touch Screen

Metal Grid Capacitive Touch Screen - 42 Inch Touch Screen

Android support, you need to open HID-USB, close the description of the report,LIUNX support, please confirm the applicable version of the consulting technology in advance.Win series, win7/8/8.1 need to install more flagship or professional version, and open the table pc component. XP series requires pre-installed driver software

Product Details

I Product Overview :

Screen type: capacitive

Transmittance:More than 90%%


Click count: 6 million times

Induction force:10g

Response time ;2ms



Screen size:42 inches

II Product Advantages :

1)Precise touch

2)Full size and flexible to customize the supply cycle


3)Low unit price and long service life


4)Antifouling, explosion, safety, pollution-free and waterproof coefficient up to IP4


5)Double-sided touch bendable integrated product ultra-thin and borderless phase

III Product Specifications :

Technical:Double-layer bridge projection capacitive technology, wire mesh matrix replaces ITO layer, special graphics replace traditional graphics.


Touch points:10 O'Clock

Touch deviation:2mm

Number of sensors:2,714

Report rate:80-120point/ms

Energy consumption:0.5W-2W

Drive type:Free drive

Arm Reject:stand by

Support customization:Irregular size, irregular tail

Film thickness:100um

Transmittance:93 or more

Supply voltage:5V USB

transfer method:USB2.0, USB3.0; I2C

Transmission distance:50m (plus USB signal amplifier, etc.)

safe distance:2mm (refers to the distance between the LCD screen and the film)

Ambient temperature:-20 to +70

Ambient light:Full-angle anti-glare illumination

Touch support:Click, drag, zoom in, zoom out, rotate

Sensing distance:8mm

Calibration method:System comes with calibration

Program type:Andriod, Linux, Windows 7/8/8.1 (32-bit/64-bit)

Program level:Standard HID-USB device

Technical certification:EN 55022:2010/AC:2011, EN 55024:2010 IEC62321:2008

IV Product Display:




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