Touch Screen

Touch Screen

The touch screen has excellent performance, stability, durability and touch life up to 1 million times

Product Details

Product description:

1. Stable performance, durability, touch life up to 1 million times.The resistive touch screen is fully enclosed touch screen, with super waterproof, dustproof, anti-grease ability, sensitive response, accurate touch, resolution up to 4096*4096, surface with special scratch resistant material, stable performance

2. A little insulation, good visual effect, at present, we can achieve the smallest insulation Φ is 0.03 mm, far ahead of other manufacturers.

3. The surface of the touch screen has a variety of materials and processes such as bright surface, fog surface, anti-dazzle, extinction, anti-newton ring and anti-reflection.

4. The lead wire adopts FPC(flexible circuit board material), which has lower resistance and better flexibility than PET materials used by other manufacturers.

5. Can recognize input signals of any contact media such as fingers (with or without gloves), pens, credit CARDS, etc.

6. Good compatibility: can be installed and run in Dos,Win95,Win98,Win2000(NT),Win XP,Win CE,Linux OS, etc

7. Complete set: each set includes screen, controller, drive CD and cable (RS232 or USB interface can be inserted)

8. Complete specifications: we have stock from 1.4 inches to 21 inches. We can make it according to customer's requirements.

9. Easy installation: it can be installed on liquid crystal module (LCM), liquid crystal (LCD) display and flat CRT display

10. After-sales service: our company guarantees this product for one year (if there is no mechanical or chemical damage, we guarantee to replace it for one month).

11. Acid, alkaline, alcohol or direct hand contact can damage the display surface

12. Static electricity will damage the module, please install grounding equipment

13. Strong impact, vibration, torsion or bending will cause damage to raw materials, or even cracked panels

14. Response time, brightness and uniformity are subject to temperature

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