10 Point Car Touch Screen

Window size: 106.95*94.8mm Light transmittance: >90% Interface: I2C Touch points: 10 points
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Product Details

I Product Display:




II Product Specifications:

Product Classification (Structure) :P+G  

Window size 106.95*94.8mm

 Light transmittance >90%

 interface :I2C

Touch points :10 points 

Click times :test 10 million times 

Surface intensity :6H±1

Protective glass size 164.4*151.32mm

Hardness :6H±1

Working environment: -30° 75° 

Thickness :1.55mm±0.1

Response time: <10ms Use Laptop

Product Structure: P+G

LENS Dimensions: 164.4*151.32mm±0.1

VA size: 106.95*94.8mm±0.2

Sensor Dimensions: 162.2*105.55mm±0.2

Customized description Glass strength, test conditions, visual inspection, interface type

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