8-Inch G+G Industrial Control Touch Screen

XINHECHANG provides industrial touch screen, resistive, capacitive, infrared, surface acoustic wave touch screen, full product, off-the-shelf, customizable! Free remote technical support service can be enjoyed in the event of equipment failure.
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Product Details

I Product Overview:

 Screen Size: 8 inches

Product structure: G+G


Interface: IIC

Touch Points: 5 points

Strength: 6H±1

Total thickness: 1.6mm ± 0.1

Window size: 160.5*120.5mm


Application : industrial control, one machine, advertising machine

II Product Specifications :

Product Category (Structure): G+G  

Window size: 160.5*120.5mm 

Transmittance >90% 

Communication interface: IIC

Touch points: 5 points 

Click times :test 10 million times 

Surface strength :6H±1

Protective glass size :187.1*141.8mm  

 Hardness: 6H±1

Working environment: -20° 70° 

Induction force: Minor 

Response time :<10ms Use Industrial control

roduct features Structure: G+G

Lens Dimensions: 187.1*141.8mm±0.2

VA area size: 160.5*120.5mm±0.2

Sensor Dimensions: 176.42*136.15mm±0.2


III Product Display: