4.3 inch TFT 800*480 capacitive touch LCD screen Adapter board schematic and PCB diagram and driver source

- Sep 27, 2019-

1, HD 16 million color HD 800x480, beautiful colors, even transition;

2, IPS full-view material, more transparent than ordinary TFT color, and is not easy to produce color difference;

3, can be equipped with a resistor and capacitor screen, human-computer interaction is more flexible;

4, comes with large memory, up to 1MB of memory, no matter how slow the microcontroller can be easily driven, ordinary IO port can be directly driven, no need to plug in similar SSD1963 or RA8875 chips;

5, rich interface, support MCU 8080 interface 8 bit, 16 bit, 18 bit and 24 bit, also supports RGB888, backward compatible with RGB666 and RGB565, whether it is a small single chip, less pin, or multi-pin, low The M0, M3 or the high-end M4, ARM7, ARM9, and A cores are common;

6, using focaltech Duntai FT5216GM7 touch chip