A brief description of the medical touch screen pressing tips

- Aug 13, 2018-

For today's various electronic products, it is necessary to use the edge pressing when using the touch screen, and it also requires certain skills, do you know?Here are some tips for edge pressing on medical touch screens:

Step 1: place the polished film conductive surface upward on the gasket. The "ten" on the four sides of the film shall be aligned with the "ten" on the foura sides of the gasket (note: if there is a drawing plate, take the intermediate value for placement).Step 2: one person took the polished glass conductive surface upward, and the glass inclined 45 degrees. Another person used an ion air gun to blow away dander on medical touch screen and glass surface respectively.The sequence of blowing: film: blowing from the front to the back;Glass: blow from top to bottom.Step 3: take the conductive surface of the glass and place it at a distance of at least 1cm high from the film, and then place it according to the patch mark on the four sides of the product.Step 4: wait for the location of the upper and lower lines to match completely, and then fit!Then cover the yellow cloth and press "start button" for edge pressing.Step 5: after the edge pressing, take the product and place it on the table (with the film facing up). Cut off the redundant medical touch screen with the blade, and then put the glass into the blue.

Notes for medical touch screen fitting: 1. After edge pressing, the first product must be torn apart to observe the effect of protective adhesive, and the first product shall be confirmed and qualified before mass operation.2. Special attention should be paid when fitting: the conductive surface of medical touch screen is facing up, while the conductive surface of glass is facing down, and the glass should be at least 1cm high from the film.3. Sequence of blowing: film: from front to back blowing;Glass: blow from top to bottom.4. Control the force of the wind when blowing the product. The wind force must be in place and should not be too large;5. Ensure the semi-finished medical touch screen and glass have been completely cleaned before bonding;Before fitting, patch personnel must conduct self-inspection of semi-finished products. Only after the semi-finished film and glass are completely OK after wiping, can they be combined!