A method of PCAP touch screen quick screen change and test platform manufacturing

- Oct 16, 2019-


I Background technique:

Before the improvement, the tester needs to manually connect one 80PIN FFC and two 50PIN FFCs of the touch screen to the touchpad interface. If you need to test different products, you need to replace the different touch screens for testing. The touch screen is a fragile item that can easily be damaged when handling or inserting and removing the FPC. The waste rate is extremely high. Moreover, it takes a long time to change screens, and the efficiency of changing lines is low.

II Technical realization elements:

The purpose of the utility model is to provide four automatic tests that can be operated at the same time, which can save one person, shorten test time, reduce human action, avoid employee fatigue and collision parts, avoid manual judgment interference, quickly replace touch screen, and reduce change time. , PCAP touch screen quick change screen and test platform to improve work efficiency.

The technical solution of the utility model is a PCAP touch screen rapid screen change and test platform, which is used for testing the touch panel, including a rack, a test fixture and a carrier, and the test fixture is disposed at the top of the rack. The test device is in a clamshell structure, the touchpad is embedded in the carrier, the test fixture is arranged in a square structure, and the test fixture is connected with an indicator light, an emergency stop button, and a start a button, a power connector, a power switch button, a program introduction connector, a gas pipe connector, a usb interface, a display data line, and a connection interface, wherein a top side of the test mother fixture is provided with a card slot, and the carrier is embedded in the card The test pin is electrically connected to the test pin of the test fixture, and the touch screen is further provided with a touch screen and a test fixture.

In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the test fixture is provided with three first test fixtures, a second test fixture, and a third test fixture, the first test fixture and the second test. The female fixture and the third test female fixture are closely attached to the frame.

In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the carrier is also provided with three different ones including a first carrier, a second carrier, and a third carrier.