Advertising machine touch screen flashing reason

- May 22, 2019-

When touching the all-in-one screen flicker, xinhechang touch screen manufacturers suggest that the first step is to analyze the possible causes, and then solve the screen flicker problem.


I. power supply problem

If the flicker is caused by a power problem, the manufacturer is disqualified.It is possible to use a second-hand power source and suffer from energy overdraft due to limited service life.If there is no problem in the above three aspects, it may be caused by this reason.First, find an electrician to test, then consult the manufacturer.Manufacturers usually send technicians to replace them or return them to the factory for repairs.

Ii. Voltage problem

Under normal circumstances, only the multi-plug board will have the problem of insufficient voltage, and the screen flicker will start from the socket.If it's a circuit board problem, just replace it.

Three, magnetic interference problem

The surrounding environment has a strong magnetic interference, such as the operation of many surrounding electrical appliances will have a certain impact on the screen.Try moving the touchscreen all-in-one to another location or removing devices around the machine.

Fourth, the inside problem

Due to logistics and transportation problems, loose and internal wiring can be problematic.Usually, this kind of problem will be more trouble, but only need to ask the maintenance master to make some adjustments.

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