Analysis of touch screen properties in different application fields

- Nov 26, 2018-

As we all know, touch screens are widely used in our life. In fact, the requirements and properties of touch screens in different fields are different.

Touch screen different application requirements

1. Industrial control: there are requirements for gloves, water resistance, chemical resistance, impact resistance, anti-fouling and easy cleaning, etc., and the common mode interference and long-term power supply reliability should be considered in the harsh power consumption environment of touch screen.

2. Use of financial terminal: it is generally required to have long service life, safety and reliability.Among them, desktop financial terminals also have long-term power requirements.

3. Outdoor advertising touch screen: it is generally readable, waterproof and anti-falling in sunlight.

4. Smart home kitchen application: safety glass and high temperature resistance shall be considered.

5. Application of household appliances in smart home: the product integrity needs to be taken into account and there is a requirement of integrated black.

6. On-board applications: service life reliability, optical requirements (AG, AR), safety and anti-collision requirements shall be considered.