Application of multi-touch technology in Education

- Oct 29, 2019-


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Multi-touch technology was invented in 1982 by the university of Toronto

Application of multi - point rescheduling technology in education

Multi-touch screen as the logo. In 1991 Pierre wellner talked about "multi-touch" Numbers

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Four - point driving control technology in industrial man - machine interface

The code desk supports the multi-finger proposal to develop a touch called the digital desktop

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Screen technology allows the user to simultaneously touch and pull images on the screen with multiple fingers

Four analysis of multi-touch technology in Chinese wetlands..

In the same year, electronic whiteboard products were launched. Smart Canada took the lead in research and development.


4. Online analysis of multi-point teaching and control technology

The electronic whiteboard has been popularized in European and American markets.

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In China, shenzhen julong technology and education company took the lead in carrying out interactive electronic hardware in 2001

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And software research and development, and launched the first domestic interactive electronic board in the same year. 2005


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Year began, as the education multimedia condition gradually matures, the domestic electron since the board begins to come out


Angle. 2008, with the projector market short - focus, ultra - short - focus projector day - scale

. Rice husk reader

Appeared, the domestic interactive electronic board quickly popularized to the majority of primary and secondary schools. Then,

New rice husk readers are online

Support multi-touch tablet computers to gradually enter the classroom, to the global education concept, teaching strategy

"A billion libraries, speed reading

Massive files, download free of charge"

Slightly brought a huge jam station 1911