Are there problems in the current medical touch screen market?

- Aug 06, 2018-

Relatively speaking, the current medical touch screen or the market better, because now most of people's life are used in electronic products, with the rapid development of electronic products, the demand for medical touch screen is also increased, but the huge business opportunities on the market has not fully revealed, in terms of competition also is not very full, the monopoly of the industry characteristics is very obvious, so the production cost and reduced the price of the market there are a lot of space, a series of reasons for making medical Shanghai touch-screen market exists many problems, the following let's see:

1. Specification problems: the medical touch screen industry has developed from the original glass and computer to today's multivariate industrial pattern with various technologies of touch screen software, touch screen panel, Kiosk and so on. However, at present, most enterprises in China are not capable of innovation and are keen on imitation in simple hardware technology.Such product quality is naturally difficult to pass through, which will cause great harm to the whole medical touch screen industry.This is in urgent need of the national standard technical specifications system, but so far only the standards set by the medical touch screen industry in China can not adapt to the rapid development of medical touch screen technology

2. Hardware technology problems: although domestic manufacturers have been focusing on the medical touch screen hardware market, they have not achieved much.Medical touch screen technology is an advanced technology in a wide range of fields and disciplines, with a high content of science and technology. However, many core technologies come from foreign countries.

3. Software development problems: domestic manufacturers have been focusing on the hardware market of medical touch screen, but have not seen the business opportunities of relevant software and the problems arising from it.Due to the wide applicability of medical touch screen technology, the demand for it in various industries has been greatly enhanced, but the software development suitable for each industry has lagged behind.For example, there are few retailers who profit from kiosks. Although operators have realized that kiosks can help marketing communication, it is a big problem to integrate them with the original data of these industries.