Capacitive plate structure and production elements

- Aug 20, 2018-

Capacitance plate structure and production elements, capacitance plate;It can be multi-touch and multi-structure production.

Usually (G+G,G+F,G+F,G+F, etc.) elevator touch control, advertising machine touch control, medical touch control, intelligent home touch control, car touch control, education office touch control, face touch control, table touch screen, 

sales machine touch screen, all-in-one desktop touch screen, air console touch screen, etc.


XINHECHANG touch screen ( both desktop and hanging touch screen) is full of multi-touch, waterproof, prevent oil, 

non-friable, touch sensitive to combining production structure, forming a touch sensitive non-friable, touch screen, 

according to the different requirements of now use need strict flexible design, good let everybody has a tenacious and flexibility of the life, let everybody to use let you fondle admiringly, make full use of space, help you more quickly in the course of work, children have more help in the learning, let the positive energy information transmission faster.