Capacitive touch screen for one - in-one machine

- Aug 29, 2018-

According to the current data, the use of capacitive touch screen of the all-in-one machine is relatively large.In the all-in-one touch screen machine, capacitive screen all-in-one machine is the application of technology, which can play the propaganda effect well in the market, its color as well as the poster effect that invades soul, advertisement effect and so on.The most attractive feature of the capacitive touch screen all-in-one machine is the 24-hour long standby.

With the development of capacitive screen all-in-one machine technology, multi-gesture touch can promote capacitive touch of more structure, which does not depend on pressure to touch. With the actual light-weight pressure touch screen, it can be operated with a simple stroke to the answer you want.The capacitive touch all-in-one can be digitally designed to store sound and images in store and in meetings.At the same time, the content of the speech can be promoted and transmitted more efficiently through the player and image video, so that the listener can pay more attention.