Capacitive touch screen induces touch switch

- Jan 07, 2019-

How is the development of capacitive touch screen inductive touch switch?From the start we had not capacitive touch screen production at that time we just produce only resistive screen and we are slowly become a capacitive touch screen manufacturer, and that is our transformation is not so happy after a period of learning or understanding in counterparts, the structure of capacitive screen and we study after a year of time to get ourselves on capacitive touch technology found more production technology or when they meet a problem how to solve, our production machines are imported from Taiwan come back, because in addition to our production technology production machine is one of the most important among them.

Set aside from behind the resistive screen transformation to the capacitive touch screen is still in the resistance of the screen to the customer, in which we now production capacitive touch screen and resistive screen also let us got more skills from these technical technology to learn or make our own artificial master key, POS machine it is not only a POS machine it can be used for other devices in this era of social nothing thing are not fixed he can be diversified to change.SHENZHEN XINHECHANG focuses on customized touch screen products.