Cellphone Screen maintenance problems - something you don't know

- Aug 21, 2018-

Don't touch the screen with water

At ordinary times in life, whenever we always used the mobile phone are welded, including morning wash gargle with the mobile phone also beside, there are in the shower, always with a mobile phone, the phone always hand or wet had to answer the phone, of course, once two times may have no what, but these are small details add up, after a long time will cause the hidden trouble.Water on a phone's screen can lead to a conductive layer that causes the screen to drift.Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you pay attention to these details in your life. In case of water on the screen, it is recommended that you dry it with paper as soon as possible.Also, it is recommended to dry your hands before touching the touch screen when your palms are sweaty.Here's the advice, wash, take a shower, and don't bring your cell phone with you when you go to the bathroom.


2. Avoid static electricity


Static electrode easily breakdown capacitance screen, while screen on the surface of the glass is through certain antistatic processing, but do not represent can withstand the human body electrostatic, there are a lot of friends in mobile phone surface decorations or prone to electrostatic inferior screen film, cause a failure of the phone's screen, so I hope conditional for match a shell or the mobile phone holster, etc.


Stay away from high temperatures


It should be known that phones are afraid of high temperatures, especially android smartphones. The high temperature is not the "fire", but the ambient temperature.For example, don't use your phone in the sun for long periods of time. If you feel hot when playing your phone, especially in some large games, stop playing the phone as soon as possible and put it on the cool hard material and wait for the temperature to drop.I believe we have a profound experience of this. After playing the game for a long time, the mobile phone became hot, and it would be obvious that the touch screen of the mobile phone would not work, and the situation of the game card.


It should be noted that when charging, many people will suddenly find that their mobile phone, including the charger, will get hot, which is totally different from normal times. It is strongly recommended to immediately unplug the phone, wait for the temperature to drop and continue charging, or turn it off for charging.


4. Unstable voltage


This is a common situation. When people use their phones when the battery is low, they will not feel as smooth as before, which leads to a series of problems.Because every time we click on the phone screen, we take a little bit of battery power away, and consume a little battery power, so when the battery power is low, the touch screen of the phone will be "elegant", the sensitivity will be significantly reduced, so when the battery power is low, this situation is normal, don't worry.In addition, it is recommended that you charge your phone as soon as the power is less than 15%.Of course, in addition to the unstable voltage of the phone itself, there is also unstable pressure when charging. It is possible that the voltage of the power supply is not stable when you charge it, which will cause the phone to get hot and hot.At this time, it is recommended to unplug the phone and charge it later. After all, the voltage is not always unstable.


Avoid bumping the screen against the phone


Today's smart phones are mostly big screens with a big screen on the front. This screen is a big customer of the mobile phone. In case of a crash, various problems will occur naturally.And now we were commonly cell phones in the pocket, it is easy to cause extrusion, and everyone should have a lot of people stay up late, like playing phone late at night, sometimes up the next day and found the mobile phone is under press suggest you can buy a case for mobile phone, so this can also avoid sometimes phone accidentally fell to the loss of oh.In addition, the value of the screen is very valuable ah, or more protection good!


6. Calibration of mobile phone screen (screen test)

Although capacitive screen is generally not required to be tested, there are some exceptions, such as screen jumping and temporary failure. Maybe our simple calibration test will be effective.

3. Data cleaning or brushing

In the case that the above situations do not exist or cannot be solved, it can be generally determined as a system problem. At this time, we need to clear the data or swipe the machine, so we suggest swiping the machine.There are a lot of data and swiping methods on the xiaomi phone BBS, you can go to see, there is not much to introduce here.