Compare the advantages and disadvantages of single touch and multi-touch

- Sep 27, 2018-

Single-point touch: single point touch devices generally use resistive touch screen, resistive touch screen is the advantages of it are cheaper and touch screen system, response and high sensitivity, and 4-wire resistive touch screen or five line resistance touch screen, they are a completely isolated to the outside environment, does not fear the dust and water vapor, can adapt to all kinds of harsh environment, it can use any object to touch, stable performance is better.The disadvantage is that the outer film of the resistive touch screen is likely to be scratched, which makes the touch screen unusable. The multi-layer structure will cause great light loss. For handheld devices, it is usually necessary to increase the backlight to compensate for the poor light transmittance.

Multi-touch: multi-touch technology can decompose the task into two aspects: one is to collect multi-point signals at the same time; the other is to judge the meaning of each signal, which is called gesture recognition, so as to realize the screen recognition of five fingers at the same time.Compared with single touch technology, multi-touch technology breaks through the problem of false address.


1. Multi-touch is the interactive operation mode of multi-point or multi-user on the same display interface, which abandons the single-point operation mode of keyboard and mouse.

2. Users can make single touch with their hands, or touch the screen with different gestures such as click, double-click, pan, press, scroll and rotate to achieve arbitrary control, so as to have a better and comprehensive understanding of the relevant features of the object (text, picture, camera, 3d simulation and other information).

3. Customized touch pad, touch software and multimedia system according to customer requirements;It can be used with professional graphics software.


Multi-touch capacitive screens can respond only if a conductor such as a finger touches the screen within a certain range. They are more expensive and have a shorter service life than resistive screens.The way of coupling capacitance is directly affected by temperature, humidity, degree of wetting of fingers and large external interference.