Current market situation of conductive silver pulp with industrial touch screen

- Jul 23, 2018-

Current market situation of conductive silver pulp with industrial touch screen, characteristics of silver pulp;Room temperature conductivity, heat conductivity, reflectance, photosensitivity, etc. In modern industry, with the development of electronic industry, the conductivity and thermal conductivity of silver are indispensable materials in the electronic industry.

In the industrial silver pulp will also have its own shortcomings, the main three aspects;Poor corrosion resistance, silver ion migration, vulcanization.In such cases, platinum is added to improve the defect.The application of silver pulp in the electronic industry can be microelectronics (low power, low voltage) and electric (high power, high voltage). With the application of electricity and the continuous development of intelligent light, small and thin trends.The use of electronics will be a major aspect.However, the application form for the electronic industry is that lamination comes from the requirement of light, small, thin and cost of electronic machines. To realize lamination, the current main technologies include thick film slurry technology, electroplating technology and other aspects, and the conductive film is formed through combination.

In the touch screen industry, many touch screens are multi-layer composite film, it is not enough to summarize the visual effect with transparency alone, it includes at least four features.Transparency, color distortion, reflectance and clarity.For example, the degree of reflection includes the degree of mirror reflection and diffraction reflection, but the degree of diffraction reflection on the surface of our touch screen has not reached the level of CD board, which is basically enough for users.