Current status and future trend of vehicle touch screen

- Nov 02, 2018-

With the intelligence of the car, touch screen and system are the parts that cannot or cannot be missing.The market of vehicle-mounted touch screen can be said to be in global competition, with Europe and the United States as the main attack system and the asia-pacific region as the game of vehicle-mounted touch screen.At present, iOS and android are the two most complete and most popular systems for mobile devices. Both of them are actively promoting the development of on-board systems, enabling the car system to step onto the fast track in terms of interactivity, use experience and establishment of ecological chain.

According to the ultrasonic display engineer, compared with the touch screen used in the consumer electronics field, the touch screen used in the automobile field is used for a long time under high temperature and high vibration, which needs to be tested by high temperature, high humidity and long time high standard, and various kinds of high-strength electromagnetic interference (EMI) should be handled.The touch screen requirements of automobile component manufacturers include multi-touch support, large size, high reliability and high durability.Among them, large size and multi-touch are mainly to satisfy the user's sense of experience, which are similar to the field of consumer electronics. High reliability and durability are especially emphasized in the field of automobile.

In addition, vehicle environmental testing standards than other industries more exacting the use of electronic products, operating temperature specifications must be between 85 ℃ and 40 ℃, the temperature of 0 degrees Celsius touch screen also need touch of dustproof, shock resistance, anti glare, easy to distinguish, automatically adjust the brightness, this to want to touch display makers into the car, the harsh environment of the test will be the biggest challenge.

The car touch screen authentication standard is strict.For example, QS9000, TS16949, American automobile industry standard, JIS Japanese automobile industry standard and ISO14000 environmental protection standard, etc.Generally, the certification period of European and American customers is as long as three years, and they need a sound management system and certification standards.The certification period of Japanese customers is about two years.Other emerging markets and domestic customers will generally learn from the design of Europe, the United States and Japan, and directly adopt the same type of structure and design products that have been certified by European, American or Japanese customers, and the certification period will be around one year.After the car touch screen product enters the supply chain of customer system officially, as long as the quality can maintain the standard required by customers, it is difficult to be replaced by other manufacturers.The design and production of on-board display products have a long life cycle, and the on-board touch screen must support the automobile production period of more than five years and the spare parts supply period of more than ten years.As a result, the potential for business is greater when any touch screen manufacturer collaborates with an automobile manufacturer. In order to maintain the production cycle and supply of parts, automobile manufacturers and automobile component manufacturers offer high gross margins to touch screen manufacturers.

Due to the lack of horizontal and vertical cooperation between the industry in intelligent vehicle research and development in mainland China, the on-board touch screens of a few models in mainland China are still mainly applied in multimedia center and automobile navigation, resulting in insufficient power for improvement in product performance, reliability and service life of the industry.As more and more foreign brands pay more attention to the mainland market, whether the consumer experience, after-sales service market cultivation, or mainland Chinese brand consciously introduced imitation of foreign advanced intelligent car culture will be like a smart phone culture, accepted by the consumers in mainland and sought after, the mainland's car will touch screen to the specialization and internationalization.