Daily maintenance of touch screen

- May 09, 2018-

1, before the boot every day, wipe the screen with a dry cloth.

2. Water droplets or beverages will land on the screen and cause the software to stop responding. This is because water droplets and fingers have similar characteristics and need to be wiped off.

3, touch screen controller can automatically determine the dust, but too much dust will reduce the sensitivity of the touch screen, just use a dry cloth to wipe the screen clean.

4. Use a glass cleaner to clean dirty fingerprints and oil on the touch screen.

5. The power is turned on and off in strict accordance with the procedures. The order of turning on the power is: display, audio, and host. Turning off the power is done in reverse order.

6, a large number of temporary files generated on the hard disk, if you often break or do not exit Windows directly shut down, will soon lead to hard disk errors. Therefore, you need to run ScanDisk regularly to scan the hard disk for errors. It is best to set secret methods to exit applications and Windows and then power off the application. For example, click on the four corners in order.

7, pure touch screen program does not require the mouse cursor, the cursor will only make the user inattention.

8. Choose the simplest anti-mouse mode that is sufficient for your application, because complex patterns require sacrificing latency and system resources.

9, in Windows, start a slow application, the user has the opportunity to enter other systems. The solution is to modify the SYSTEM. INI file: put shell=progman. Exe (Windows3.x) or shell=Explorer. Exe (Windows 95) directly to. exe. However, the application should be able to directly exit Windows, otherwise the system cannot exit.