Development and production of touch screen customized industrial touch screen worldwide

- Jul 03, 2018-

Shenzhen Xinhechang technology touch screen manufacturers custom capacitive touch screen, industrial touch screen the development of automation, automation system based on PLC and single-chip microcomputer and PC, automation equipment is more and more popular, almost throughout all the automation, corresponding human-computer interaction system also arises at the historic moment, and get the synchronous development of liquid crystal to first try the favour of industrial automation equipment manufacturers.XINHECHANG touch screen manufacturers are also increasingly representative of the field of customized industrial touch screens, which can display ideal and vivid data information on PLC, microcontroller and PC.

And directly support most of the PLC products in the market, with powerful functions and convenient use. You can greatly increase the display information, innovate online simulation function, and greatly save engineering time.Powerful editing software, allows you to easily complete the expiration of the complex man-machine design, with functions of handwritten message board, has implemented three user password protection function, with functions of RTC formula, support multi-touch screen system;Dual communication port and independent proofing interface.

Industrial Internet, in essence, is the display of industrial invisible data and the visualization of invisible data. Industrial Internet is a complete subversion of the industrial world driven by big data.From mechanization to electrification to line informatization, the essence of industrial intelligence is mainly the combined Internet of things.The Internet is with the industrial touch screen together, together with the ability to be great, great together.XINHECHANG touch screen customization factory is with you, touching the future.