Development bottleneck of large-size capacitive touch screen

- Nov 20, 2018-

The capacitive plate can be very smooth.In addition, capacitive screen is relatively free from interference. Dust, light or some oil stains outside will interfere the infrared screen, which will hardly interfere the capacitive screen. Therefore, capacitive screen is most accepted by the market.The development of capacitive screen is a trend, but it has not completely replaced infrared screen products at present. The main reason is that the industrial chain of infrared screen is very mature.

How to drive the development of capacitive touch?

At present, the main obstacle of capacitive screen in large size is transparent conductive film. Without good conductive film, the entire industrial chain is very immature.The whole market of large-size capacitive screen is just beginning, and the market acceptance of capacitive screen is very limited, so the current market size is limited.

However, a trend has emerged. We soon found that a new transparent conductive film can replace the original ITO conductive film to form better conductive performance, light transmittance and other properties, making efficient production possible.Over time, more people will enter the capacitive touch screen market and the market scale will be further developed.

New transparent conductive film.The laminated layer does not need the parameters of the nano-silver mesh MDSN conductive film, the base material thickness is 50-180, the ultraviolet irradiation, the high-temperature test stability and so on are tested.The cost.There are only two mature products, high-end metal grid of low-end metal grid, we think we need new mainstream products from low-end to high-end.