Development difficulties of Projected Capacitive touch screen

- Oct 24, 2019-

1)Chip technology: At present, the mainstream is the pattern electrode of the single-sided prismatic structure of the cypress scheme.

2)touch panel technology: need to carry out multiple coating, lithography and etching, the process is quite complicated, and the yield is difficult to improve, there are many process details that need to be tackled and optimized. 

3) development cycle: the same kind of chip, different touch electrode design will affect the final touch effect, sensitivity, accuracy, anti-interference and so on. Therefore, continuous optimization and material selection are required, such as selection of ito block resistance, line width line spacing design, loop resistance control, etc. The development cycle is quite long. 

4) The development cost is high: due to the need for repeated debugging to optimize the parameters. The selection process, this process is not only long, but the cost will be very high. The conventional design, the mask will have three pieces, calculated according to 15,000 sheets, if the design is slightly changed, the mask must be redesigned. Engraving, shadowing liquid, lotion, glass substrate, light and clear glass sputter are very expensive, and the power cost is also quite high. 

5)talent is hard to find: Projected capacitive screen involves chip technology and touch panel technology, knowing that the chip does not understand the touch panel process, the design can not objectively consider the impact of the process, the whole theoretical design is not feasible. If you understand the process, you don't know the chip technology. It is estimated that the variation of the process will affect the driver. The potential failure will cause the performance to be unstable, but it is impossible to understand where it occurs. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a complete team. The technical teams involved in the chip technology, front panel process technology, and post-process fit sections can accelerate the entire development process, and are indispensable unless they are all-rounders.