Differences between capacitor and resistance screens:

- Jun 22, 2018-

Capacitive touch control working mode:

The capacitive touch screen, which USES the human body's electric response, consists of a four-layer composite glass screen and is coated with a transparent special metal conductive material.When the fingers on the touch screen, because the body electric field, the user and the touch screen surface formed by a coupling capacitance, for high frequency current, capacitance is the conductor directly, so the fingers from the point of contact suck a small current.The current issue from the touch screen on the four corners of the electrode respectively, the four electrodes and the current is proportional to the finger to the four corners, the controller based on the four current ratio of precise calculation, it is concluded that the location of the touch point information.

Resistance screen touch control working mode:

Resistive touch screen screen body part is a multi-layer composite membrane, by a layer of glass or organic glass as a base, surface coated with a layer of transparent conductive layer (ITO film), the above with a layer of the surface again after hardening treatment, smooth scratch-resistant plastic layer.It also has a layer of ITO on its inner surface, separated by a number of tiny (less than a thousandth of an inch) transparent isolation points between the two layers.When the finger touch screen, two layers of ITO contact resistance change, produced in the X and Y directions signal, the controller contact point is calculated according to detect the resistance of the change of the XY coordinates, then according to the coordinates for the corresponding operation, so applying this technique must be to use hard objects on the screen, touch the effect can be attained.