Elevator advertising machine installation details

- Nov 26, 2018-

Elevator advertisement machines can be seen everywhere in commercial buildings and residential communities, which has almost become an important way for people to get information in their spare time.So, in the installation of elevator LCD advertising machine to pay attention to what details?

Details needing attention in the installation process of elevator advertisement machine:

1, elevator advertising machine installation, because the elevator space is small, signal closed, in the process of installation will inevitably encounter some of this or that problem.Firstly, the problem of power supply is to meet the voltage up to 220V, which is difficult for us to achieve in the elevator, so we do not recommend directly connecting the current of 220V, we can make the advertising machine into a current of 12-36v, as for the current from the top of the car, then through the adapter to complete the voltage conversion.

In the elevator car, because the signal is weak, we can choose the single-machine version of advertising machine, play smoothly, update is convenient.It is also important to note that screws and holes cannot be installed in the elevator cage. When installing the advertising machine in the elevator, we can only choose to use glass glue to stick the advertising machine on, so we should pay attention to the weight of the advertising machine.

Two, elevator advertising machine installation, in today's high-rise building elevator advertising machine is almost visible in the elevator, the elevator advertising machine installed in the elevator is relatively simple.First of all, because it is outside the elevator, the signal is not affected, there is no need to worry about the choice of advertising machine function, whether it is a stand-alone version or the network version is ok, customers can vary according to the needs.

When installing, we do not need to consider the problem of voltage. We can directly connect 220V voltage to supply power, eliminating the problem of intermediate voltage conversion.Fixed in the installation can also be directly punched using screws fixed, simple and convenient/fast.

People in the efficient access to information, and other aspects of the improvement, digital signage design manufacturers have to continue to industry segmentation and value-added services research.With the development of demand and technology, the application of identification technology will be more mature, digital signage advertising machine information accuracy will continue to improve.