Five-wire resistance touch screen technical parameters

- Sep 26, 2019-

Screen structure: ITO Film is bonded to ITO Glass with DOT point isolation

Outlet cable:

FRC copper cable (flat conductive wire) length: 200mm

Connection location with touch screen:

Withstand tension: maintain a level of 2.0 kg with the screen; 1.0 kg with the screen vertical

Connection method: 5 points welding and glue fixing

Fold: can withstand 180 degrees stack, 10 times (113)

Specification: ETC NO.: ET-88T-12-102-C00

Connector: 2.54mm socket, standard AMP87499-9

Touch media: fingers, gloved hands, pens, credit cards, etc.

Screen thickness: 1mm-5mm

Screen size: screen size 6 inches - 21 inches

Resolution: Resolution 4096x4096

Response time: less than 10 milliseconds (finger input)

Touch force: 15-40gr using a hardness of 600 diameter 16mm silicone grease

Screen error: screen error less than 1[%]

Should voltage: DC+5V

Screen resistance: 40Ω~100Ω(Between X-Y); 50Ω~110Ω(BetweenX-LX); 50Ω~110Ω(BetweenY-LY); 40Ω~100Ω(BetweenLX-LY)

Insulation resistance: greater than 20M 0 at DC25V

Electrostatic protection: in accordance with EN6100, in accordance with Level 4 (15 kV air discharge / contact discharge 8 kV)

Light transmittance: 75-85% (when the wavelength is 550 nm)

Working temperature: -20 ° C -70 ° C

Storage temperature: -25 ° C -80 ° C

Working humidity: 90% RH at 40 ° C (no condensation)

Working temperature: -20 ° C -700 ° C

Storage temperature: -25 ° C -80 ° C

Destruction resistance: 3-12mm special process fully tempered optical glass as the substrate. Use 1 lb. at 130 cm height to freely fall to the center of the glass without damage to the glass.

Sealing characteristics: The high sealing material tightly closes the filter device, the frame and the riot glass to prevent liquid leakage;

Working temperature: -200C-700C

Storage temperature: -400C-850C

Working humidity: 90% RH at 40 ° C (no condensation)

Storage humidity: 90% RH at 40 ° C (no condensation)

Sealing: Meets NEMA4 and IP65 standards

High temperature storage: test at 80 ° C for 240 hours

Low temperature storage: 240 hours test at -25 °C

Durability: Mohs hardness 3H (according to ATSM D3363 standard)

Service life: more than 1 million single touches (Polyester stylus) single touch more than 5 million times (Rubber stylus)

Safety certification: FCC. CE, TUV, UL

Product application range

PDA handheld device, GPS satellite positioning system, industrial control system, POS, financial terminal, information inquiry machine, medical instrument service system, interactive teaching system.