Full fit technology development trend

- Jun 15, 2018-

Xinhechang touch screen in the future development trend from the joint technical analysis, the terms of the structure of the touch screen can be divided into three structures, looked from the structure of the screen, can put the screen is roughly divided into three parts, respectively is to protect the glass from top to bottom, touch screen and display.The three parts is need to undertake joint, generally requires two joint, between the protective glass and touch screen is a joint, and another joint is between the screen and touch screen.According to the way of the pasting can be divided into full pasting and frame pasting.So-called box stick glue joint is also called mouth words, that is simple to secure around the screen and display with double-sided adhesive, which is at present most of the display screen is adopted by the joint mode, its advantage lies in the simple process and low cost, but because the display screen and the touch screen, there is air layer between the light refraction cause show effect after discounted become box posted the biggest drawback.

Full joint advantages: full laminating technology makes no air between the screen, which helps to reduce the reflective display panels and glass, can make the screen look more fully, enhance the screen display effect.Currently, some mobile phones like apple 5, xiaomi, Nexus 7 and samsung also adopt full-fit technology.Another benefit of the all-in-one technology is that the screen never greases again.The strength of the touch module is also improved due to its close combination with the panel. In addition, the full fit can effectively reduce the interference caused by the display panel noise to the touch signal.