How is the capacitive touch screen waterproof

- Mar 27, 2019-

We often see large touch screens outdoors, so how do they make them waterproof?Follow the touch screen small make up to understand it.

Now capacitive touch screen, waterproof technology mainly through the components points for waterproof sealant, this way of waterproof protection can only be IC area, pressing part of the capacitive screen is also easy to short circuit of the water area, general waterproof phone through the chassis structure of the seal on the bonding area, but once the structure damage, there is no waterproof effect

The purpose of the invention is to provide a capacitive touch screen waterproof treatment process, which realizes the waterproof function of the touch screen by sealing the conductive circuit exposed by the touch screen and the component welding plate area, and has the characteristics of simple process and good waterproof.

A technical programme, including steps, to achieve the above objectives

1) when making the function sensor of the capacitive touch screen, add insulation printing to the circuit in the pressing area. As a waterproof and anti-corrosion treatment, the conductive part exposed in the sensor of the function piece is only the silver-glue PIN in the pressing area;

2) FPC of flexible circuit board shall seal the SMT parts with transparent sealant, and seal the exposed soldering pads of IC, capacitor, resistor and diode components with sealant;

3) after the function sensor of the function sheet is made into small pieces and functional test is carried out, it is hot-pressed with the FPC of the flexible circuit board. After pressing, the function test is carried out. Then the insulation sealing glue is brushed and UV drying is carried out.

4) the pressed circuit of the function chip sensor and the flexible circuit board FPC is pasted together with the glass cover plate through the small piece laminating process. The suspended part between the flexible circuit board FPC and the cover plate is pasted together with double-sided adhesive. The exposed copper part of the function chip sensor surface flexible circuit board FPC is sealed with white adhesive.

Compared with prior art, the present invention has the following advantages.