How is the induction key structure of capacitive touch screen induced

- Feb 28, 2019-

The inductive touch button structure of capacitor screen has been greatly improved with the improvement of our production technology, both technically and structurally.As for our button structure, it is a complex structure type, so that they can be successfully sensed on different keys. Our engineers will constantly explore and develop better touch control products


Are now using capacitive touch technology to design a key, relative to other technology to compare the life of the capacitive touch screen is long, because everybody likes electronic products with longer life, the beginning of the electronic product life is short and it has become everyone's concern, to make electronic products have a vigilance that's his life?

However, the manufacturer of xinlilai touch screen has also made some changes in the service life. It is necessary to have stable raw materials and strong raw materials to maintain the service life of the capacitive touch screen. Generally, the touch screen is repaired once a year and tested once a year.