How many interfaces does Capacitive touch screen have?

- Oct 04, 2019-

There are also several types of capacitive screens. The capacitive screens used more are projected capacitive screens. G+G structure, the small size of the capacitive screen interface is generally determined by the chip is the I2C interface, the size below the 10.4 inch capacitive screen is a small size capacitive screen, the medium and large size capacitive screen 10.4 inch to 65 inch capacitive screen is generally selected brand chip For example, the force chip, these capacitive screen interfaces are USB interfaces. The capacitive screen factory reminds you of the 183 number, the middle four in 2005, followed by the 9375.

The capacitive touch screen interface is: 1. The mobile phone and tablet of the android platform are all i2c interfaces, and there should also be spi; the windows platform is generally USB, and also has I2C; 2. The power supply voltage of the touch screen refers to the working power of the screen. The voltage is generally in the floating range of 24V, -20%~+20%; the interface signal voltage refers to the input and output voltage of the signal given by the serial port or USB port.