How much do you know about the technique of laminating large industrial touch screens?

- Jun 22, 2018-

In the production workshop of industrial control touch screen, employees often complain that the film of industrial touch screen is not easy to stick, bubbles are easy to appear, the screen is too big to paste, how to do?

The production director of XINHECAHNG explains the method of lamination to you.

1, first with the packing with small cloth to wipe clean dust on the surface of the screen (preferably in the absence of wind indoor operation), at the time of wiping, best from one side to the other side in order to wipe, do not wipe back and forth;

2. Open the layer marked "xi" and roll up a small part of it. Aim at the edge of the screen and attach the screen surface to the mirror of the phone (if not, pull carefully and then correct).

3. Slowly pull out the layer marked "xi 'an jie" from the bottom.

4. Gently press the possible bubbles out around the center with cloth;

5. Tear off the top layer of the membrane marked "hukou" and end the Posting;

Above operation skills are XINHECHANG touch screen manufacturer production workshop training for new employees, both in industrial control touch screen and car touch screen operation, take the above measures can reduce the difficulty of the touch screen films at the same time improve the production yield and efficiency.