How to choose a good touch screen

- Nov 14, 2018-

In today's society, touch is everywhere.From the perspective of mobile phones, the maturity of touch screen has almost reached or even surpassed the traditional physical button, which accelerates the death of physical button phone, while the tablet computer with touch as the main mode of operation is also squeezing the traditional PC market.As the infrastructure of the hardware is important, and a touch screen instead of physical keys became one of the most important link in human-computer interaction, the present stage by the broad masses of manufacturers purchase and use of capacitive touch screen looks almost the same, with the naked eye can't identify its essence, it also makes the touch screen into an invisible barrier, excellent touch screen can be a very good for other hardware and system applications, poor touch screen will limit other hardware play become short board, which affect experience, so the choose and buy touchscreen devices, especially the large size of touch screen notebook, consumers should also take the time to personally experience.


How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of capacitive touch screen

Touch screen is a necessary link in human-computer interaction, so its sensitivity and response speed is particularly important, by the broad masses of manufacturers to purchase and use of capacitive touch screen is the most mature application solutions, at the moment the appearance looks like the same internal "transparent" panel are useful, the stand or fall of touch screen led directly to the fluid in the process of human-computer interaction or not.

The capacitive touch screen is structured like a sandwich on a plate, and the "plate" is closest to the electrical components in the device, acting as a shield against electrical signals to avoid interference with the touch screen.Contact with "plates" and the top "bread layers" are non-conductive (dielectric) glass, which are more protective;The "sauce" between the two "bread layers" is the most critical ingredient. It is responsible for sensing the human electric field and detecting touch points. Whether an electronic device can bring users a smooth feeling of use depends on this "sauce" to enhance their taste.

1. Sensitivity

The "condiment" in the middle determines the sensitivity and response time of capacitive touch screen.One of the things that affects sensitivity is something called the diameter of the contact.We can divide a capacitive touch panel into small uniform areas, and the diameter of the contact is the distance between two adjacent areas. The smaller the diameter of the contact, the higher the recognition rate of the touch screen.

In the case of the latest Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft officially requires a minimum diameter of 9mm for the Windows 8 touch screen, which means that when we use the touch screen, our fingers are forced to press the screen to ensure contact area.If the 9mm diameter is used as a measurement, the system may fail to recognize sliding gestures in some cases. For example, if you write with a capacitive stylus that has a contact area smaller than your finger belly, the handwriting shown on the touch screen is only intermittent, or even no response.

Response time

The diameter of the contact determines the sensitivity of the touch screen, and response time is another major factor affecting the feel of the touch screen.When we use our fingers or capacitive pens to write or draw on the screen, we find that the trace on the screen will be some distance from the end of the pen.If our fingertips just slowly swipe across the screen, the difference in response times between different touch screens is not obvious.But in fact, when users are accustomed to the system to search, browse the web, handwritten text, graphics, and other operations, the finger or pen will move quickly.If the response time of the touch screen is too long, then the content displayed on the screen will seriously lag behind the finger or pen, and the user can slow down, thus affecting the operation experience.

Also is Microsoft's official standard, it provides a touch screen response time should be not more than 50 milliseconds, including the introduction of contact diameter 9 mm, this is the most basic, can use the hardware requirements, ensure that all the pre-installed on market doing a touch screen laptop operating systems are up to this standard, but most is just to pass the exam, if you want to really enjoy the excellent experience you need to achieve a higher standard.