How to choose industrial touch all-in-one

- Dec 05, 2019-

Identify the needs:

Generally, the touch screens of the first-tier international brands are relatively affordable. Some products have a narrow application range. Generally, they can only be used for their own brand products, and even some of their own brand products. They cannot adapt to other brands of equipment on the market. device.

Look at performance and certification

See if there are certifications at home and abroad, it is recommended to try it out or find a special person or equipment to check the performance.

More transparency:

Transparency, which directly affects the visual effect of the touch screen. Generally speaking, the transparency can only be the average transparency in the picture, of course, the higher the better.

Compare reflective performance:

It mainly refers to the light and shadow overlapping behind the image due to specular reflection, such as human shadows, windows, lights, etc. Reflection is a negative effect brought by the touch screen. The smaller the better, it affects the user's browsing speed. The touch screen is an absolute coordinate system. Click where you want to choose. The essential difference with a relative positioning system such as a mouse is intuitive once in place Sex.

Look at the absolute coordinates:

Its characteristic is that each positioning coordinate is not related to the last positioning coordinate. The touch screen is physically an independent coordinate positioning system. The data of each touch is converted to coordinates on the screen through calibration data. In this way, the touch screen is required. No matter what the set of coordinates is, the output data at the same point is stable. If it is unstable, then the touch screen cannot guarantee absolute coordinate positioning, and the point is not accurate. This is the most feared problem of the touch screen. Touch detection and positioning, various Touch screen technology relies on its own sensors to work, and even some touch screens are themselves a set of sensors. The respective positioning principle and the sensors used determine the response speed, reliability, stability and life of the touch screen.

Only combining your own needs with the characteristics of the industrial touch all-in-one, comparing and contrasting each other, can you choose your own industrial touch screen products.