How to deal with car touch screen failure?

- Jun 06, 2018-

With the rapid development of automobiles, how do many consumers deal with the failure of the on-board touch screen? 

Do not know how to do, also cannot find the solution in time?A chance opportunity met shenzhen Xinhechang technology company engineer recommended the solution, engineer Mr Liu  said he has been working for almost 3 years in the company, who is mainly responsible for engineering and maintenance work, and common troubleshooting for in-car navigation touch screen is very experienced.

The methods:

1, found in the navigation on the restart button (factory default), is a very small built-in button, you can find in the machine 

    back or side, all GPS navigator is the key, start switch.

2, After the key is restarted, shall we check whether the screen has been reflected?There is a response to grasp the time 

    to set the calibration screen in the Settings.It should be fine after calibration.

3, If the screen does not respond after reboot.If you can take the battery down, charge the battery alone. Make sure you

    charge it with a seat.If it doesn't work, you'll have to repair it, because the car's capacitive touch screen has a very good       counterpart.