How to deal with the defective problem of touch screen cover

- Jul 20, 2018-

How to deal with the defective problem of touch screen cover?

The reasons for the poor screen printing of cover plate are caused by many factors, including screen printing plate, screen scraping board, screen printing ink, screen printing equipment, screen printing materials and operating technology.There are unilateral reasons for the failure of screen printing, but more than one reason is the complex influence of error synthesis.

Blur is also known as block, refers to the screen layout of the text through hole part of the printing ink can not be transferred to the substrate phenomenon.The appearance of this phenomenon will affect the quality of printing, which will lead to the failure of normal printing.In this respect is to control ink fineness.Ink in the printing process drying too fast, easy to cause the fuzzy version fault.

The ink used in different seasons is different, especially when using volatile drying ink this kind of phenomenon is more prominent, so when printing must choose the appropriate solvent control drying rate.The influence of climate should be taken into account when choosing ink. Generally, quick-drying oil ink is used in winter, and late-drying agent should be added in the ink in summer.