How to deal with the inaccuracy of touch panel

- Sep 12, 2018-

A lot of times, if you have a big screen, you don't have touch, you don't have touch, and a lot of time is lost on some big machines because the screen is not working, so how do we deal with touch screens that aren't working.

1. Touch correction

Some large industrial touch screens have the option of touch correction, and after some special operations or after a period of time, screen correction can be performed in the following situations:

1) complete the installation of driver software.

2) after each change of the resolution or display mode of the display.

3) after each change of the display area.

4) after adjusting the frequency of the controller each time.

5) each time the cursor does not correspond to the touch point.

2. Failure caused by static electricity

We all know that static electricity in the human body causes the screen to malfunction for a short period of time.Solutions;

1) operate again at intervals

2) eliminate static electricity by some means

3) screen correction

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