How to judge a good touch screen

- Sep 26, 2018-

Touch screen is a new part in today's new product design. In recent years, many touch screen factories have been born. Users may not be able to judge the quality of a touch screen produced by a certain company from its appearance.

There are 4 lines, 5 lines, 6 lines and 8 lines on the market.Touch screen bonding with the adhesive and two - sided adhesive bonding.When you get a touch screen, look around the touch screen whether there is a green border, if there is, you can probably guess that is edge ink, edge ink may also be translucent color.That kind of should be the glue of the water, the edge of the ink to isolate the upper and lower lines.This kind of touch screen is not resistant to high temperature. It is not suitable for complex and harsh environment (such as high temperature and humidity).Also, take a look at the line design, which usually has a gap between the FPC terminal and the screen.If the glue that manufacturer USES is not the material, that terminal and touch screen itself stick force is insufficient, via the change of temperature and humidity, or be not attentive when installation artificially, can cause line to break, this touch screen is broken very easily, if touch screen is broken, the opportunity that should repair is not big.

Again in your hands to touch screen surface with 60 ° Angle to look at whether Newton's rings have an (a kind of let a person look to have a little dizzy xuan rainbow lines), if Newton ring produced by touch screen, said the factory in the treatment of the Newton ring subject experience is not enough.Touch the touch screen with your finger to feel whether the touch screen has two layers or bubbles.If it is felt, it indicates that the factory does not control the quality properly.