How to maintain the industrial touch screen well

- Jul 19, 2018-

How to maintain the industrial touch screen well?

It is used to clean the screen before starting up every day.

Upon landing on the screen, the software will stop reacting or slow down, due to the similar properties of water droplets and fingers, which need to be wiped away. 

The sensor touch controller automatically determines the amount of dust that accumulates too much, reducing the sensitivity of the touch screen and its lifetime by wiping the screen with a cloth. 

Apply the glass cleaner to clean the dirty fingermarks and grease on the touch screen.

Touch screen cleaning, be careful not to use cardboard or hard, do not scratch the reflection stripe, industrial standard glare function, the accurate operation of the high resolution, and the dirt of the false touch screen and operation for automatic detection and so on.The glass panel is scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant, and the metal edge can prevent mechanical damage to the glass edge.

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