How to transfer the capacitive touch screen IIC interface to USB?

- Sep 07, 2018-

When choosing to purchase the touch screen, it is necessary to replace the IIC interface of the capacitive touch screen with the USB interface for various reasons. How should we replace it in this replacement process?

Most of the interfaces of capacitive touch screen are IIC interfaces now, because most mainstream touch chips only support IIC interfaces and do not have USB interfaces. Therefore, it cannot be used in some places where USB interfaces are required, especially for Windows/Android/Linux and other systems installed later.Based on this application requirement, this scheme is designed.The schematic diagram is as follows: the scheme is based on a USB MCU CH554. On one side of the chip, the USB interface can be directly connected with Windows/Android/Linux and other systems (most importantly, drive free). On the other side of the chip, touch screen of the IIC interface is directly connected with the touch screen of the IIC interface.

Program description: 1. USB single chip CH554 program, ultra-small size, can be FPC; 2.2. It has been tested to support mainstream brands such as huiding, duntai, jichuangchuang north and Cypress.3. Use USB MultiTouch to support operation of multiple points and gestures;4. Functions can be customized according to requirements;5. DEMO board test can be provided.