In the new century, intelligent car - mounted rear - view mirror is standard

- Sep 05, 2018-

Intelligent transportation is the great development direction of the intelligent age, and the intelligent screens of cars are naturally becoming a place of contention. While most manufacturers are exploring on central control, shenlilai optoelectronics co., ltd. in shenzhen takes aim at the rearview mirror.

The screen is small, but it has many features.Information on local traffic, weather, consultation and related facilities and venues is available through the network, depending on its rapid and low latency characteristics.Of course, there are essential navigation functions.

All this information is displayed on a 5-inch LCD touch screen with a front-facing hd on the back of the mirror

Camera. This camera has a wide-angle lens and is used for driving.

In addition, the camera also has the support service of safe driving, which can analyze the movement of the car and predict the potential danger. Coupled with the rear camera mounted on the rear of the car, it can provide a role similar to the reverse radar, and provide voice warning when danger is detected.

The modules are also equipped with gyroscopes and acceleration sensors that can provide more navigation and speed information.In this era of rapid mobile Internet development, the module can also serve as a wi-fi hotspot, providing high-speed wireless network for passengers on the bus.