Industrial touch screen intelligent robot function

- Jul 31, 2018-

Industrial touch screen intelligent robot function, robot business control software system integrated robot motion control system, with strong robot and automated production line system integration ability, the robot can directly hit our hearts, everyone likes it, the robot also points For many robots, plastic robots, iron robots, transformers robots, etc., are assisting industrial systems.

The novel design makes us more like, the help at the factory is very large, can clearly help you record data, directly connect the printer to directly print out the data, and transmit the data the customer wants, the Internet combined with the industrial touch screen, the previous robot Actually not perfect enough,

In the past few years, the existence of the test robot and the role of the robot were used. At that time, there was no touch screen, so there was no robot service type and no automatic robot. Most of the previous robots used the remote control to control the robot.

The arrival of the Internet is change. Otherwise, it is equivalent to the source of the word given by the society. It is called real waste. It is better to use the etymology to make the resources better. This is the best feedback for the society and the return to the society. Everyone's brain is developing. For example, the resistive touch screen has not been developed. It must not have the current capacitive screen and multi-touch screen, catching all the etymology and making its own brand better.