Industrial touch screen opens mutual communication robot market service

- Jul 24, 2018-

Industrial touch screens open the interactive robot market service. The industrial chain of industrial robots can be divided into upper, middle and lower reaches. The upstream is the key zero-factor manufacturer, mainly the deceleration control system and servo system. The middle reaches are the robot's body, and the actuator, including the arm and hand digging

The machine body is also included in the structure, which is the traditional support foundation of the robot. After the robots and other products produced are integrated, they can be put into the automotive, electronics, metal processing and other industries for the end customers.

Commercial screen robots and service types are not the same. Some have a touch screen that can display images without an embedded system. They cannot be operated separately. Commercial screens must also conform to commercial standard screens. The difference is that commercial is for industrial screens with embedded systems.

The touch screen can be operated separately without an additional host. In fact, the characteristics of the touch screen use environment, optical characteristics, electronic characteristics, mechanical characteristics, and durability are also different from those of industrial touch screens and commercial touch screens.

Industrial robots are faced with the service and interactivity of everyone. Everyone likes to talk, they like to communicate with each other, and the way of communicating with emotions is not so officially emotional. In fact, this shows that everyone is treating themselves as robots. Friends or family, everyone is

Can be mutually understanding, so on the basis of industrial robots, there must be stable quality, high precision, craftsman spirit, create a dancing wizard in the production of intelligent production lines, and launch a new robot.