Industrial use of medical capacitor touch screen

- Sep 25, 2018-

Medical industry with capacitive touch screen, now the expansion of the intelligence market at present, the touch screen has been widely used in various industries, develop and grow up rapidly in just a few short years, touch screen also together side by side of the scale of the intelligent industrial application market is more and more big, and in the present case, the majority of manufacturers or merchants are in the use of intelligent touch to operate well.

The demand for touch screen technology is constantly increasing, especially in the medical industry and industry, etc. The industrial liquid crystal module market with touch screen technology is gradually developing. The liquid crystal market and touch screen are expanding to a wide range of social fields, and a comprehensive LCD module with a projection capacitive touch screen is launched in the industrial field.

The capacitor screen has amazing display and operation functions, which can display and monitor the equipment in real time.Meanwhile, touch switches can be set on its screen to operate the device.